Terms and Pricing

This is how the project goes:

  1. We discuss the project
  2. You send pre-payment 50%
  3. I draw and present you a detailed sketch. You can apply revisions, but only those, which don't significantly change the initial task, that we discussed earlier. 
  4. I make a design based on a sketch, and present it. You can apply minor tweaks to the design.
  5. You send post-payment 50%
  6. I send you all logo files

Revisions are free from charge, unless they confront an initial task and approved sketch.

Payment: Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT etc.) or PayPal.com/paypalme/vladtata  
Logo - 200$ personal use only. 300$ commercial use or organisation.
T-shirt design - 200$-600$ depending on the complexity.